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Internships in all industries

Our Chamber has members in various industries such as trade councils, medical & semicon, banking & finance, etc.

International Business

Shanghai holds significant global business importance, boasting strong Benelux presence among its thriving industries.

Banking & Finance

Shanghai hosts renowned global banks like Bank of China alongside notable Benelux institutions such as KBC, ING, and others.

Industry & Technology

China excels in various industries including electric vehicles, automotive, chemicals, and manufacturing, showcasing its global leadership and innovation.

Trade Offices Benelux Governments

All Benelux countries have an official Trade Office in Shanghai: Flanders Invest & Trade,, Awex, Zuid-Holland, NBSO, etc.

Medical & Semicon

Benelux countries are world leading when it comes to medical and semicon with brand such as ASML, Melexis, UCB, etc.

Sustainability & Design

Innovative designs meet eco-conscious solutions in the heart of Benelux and Shanghai, shaping a sustainable future with brands like Philips Lighting, Design2Gather, DESPACE, etc.

Food & Beverage

Belgian chocolates as well as Dutch and Belgian beers can be found in Shanghai and are considered luxury goods. With member companies such as Pierre Marcolini, Heineken and AbInbev, F&B operations in the Chinese market surely are adventurous.

Legal & IP

Protecting innovation is paramount in Benelux, home to leading legal minds safeguarding intellectual property across diverse industries. How does this work in China and how are our brands protected over here? With more than 5 legal firms within the Benelux Chamber network, legal is for sure an industry high in demand.

Chemical & Pharma

Pioneering breakthroughs emerge from Benelux’s chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, driving global advancements with giants like DSM and UCB in Shanghai.


Fertile lands yield premium crops in Benelux, fostering agricultural excellence and sustainable practices at the forefront of the industry. Some of our Benelux companies even have high-tech agricultural operations running in Shanghai, growing food in a sustainable way.

Market Insight & Strategy

Member companies such as MSA (previously known as Moore Stephens) have branches all over China, providing market insight and strategy services to other Benelux companies, as well as local companies.

Logistics & Supply Chain

The Benelux region is known for its busy ports: the port of Antwerp/Zeebruges as well as Rotterdam operate as an import section for a big part of the European Union. Cargolux is also an important player when it comes to air freight. All these organizations have rep offices with the world’s biggest port: Shanghai.


Promoting people to people exchanges for a fruitful career.

Why Intern2China?

Intern2China has various advantages for businesses, schools, as well as students. All students will firstly enjoy a 3-week Chinese language & culture course, provided by our partner East China Normal University. Following this course, students will have the opportunity to do an internship in Shanghai of 3, 4, or 5 months.

Quality Assurance

Guaranteed access to qualified enterprises through the Chamber’s network in China and qualified students through the Chamber’s thorough pre-selection process.

Full-Time Availability

Students are available full-time; the need to attend classes at a local university during the internship period is eliminated, ensuring no unnecessary classes are required.

Efficient Matchmaking &
Pre-Approved Contract

The Chamber streamlines matchmaking and provides pre-approved internship contracts for students and employers, ensuring compliance with PRC laws.

Streamlined Student/Internship visa Process

The Chamber manages the entire internship permit application process, including collecting necessary documents, applying for permits, and providing digital permits to both employers and students’ mailboxes.

Support on Arrival

Interns and students applying for this initiative, will be able to enjoy support on arrival (pick up).

Comprehensive Training Day

Benelux interns benefit from a full-day ‘China-training’ during the Benelux Bootcamp Day, covering essential topics like China introduction, survival guide, legal do’s and don’ts, local services, and more.

Stories of Success

Here are some highlights of candidates coming from different backgrounds.

Intern at DaWo Law Firm in 2023
LLM in Law Student
Ghent University

Interns at Benelux Chamber in 2023-2024
MSc International Business Students
University of Groningen

Intern at Hamlet NV in 2024
BSc Creative Marketing Student
University College of Saxion

We believe in creating internships in the world’s 2nd largest economy, enriching talents with skills and cultural insights while empowering companies with fresh ideas, fostering mutual growth and people-to-people collaboration.

Jonathan Xu

Director of Business Development
Head of Intern2China Business Unit


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